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About My USU Student Card

The USU CARD is the official ID card of all Utah State University students as well as faculty and staff. It functions as a library card, meal card, activities card, recreation center card, computer access card, health center card, and copy card as well as declining balance accounts and meal plans.

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How do I get a USU ID Card?

The fee for Aggie Orientation (Freshmen Orientation) includes the $15 fee for your first ID Card. Pick up your packet during Aggie Orientation or from the Card Office if you participated in Online Aggie Orientation. Turn in the Card Voucher from the packet to receive your ID card. Non-traditional or transfer students can come purchase their USU ID Card ($15) from the Card Office after registering. Don’t forget to bring valid picture ID so you can receive your ID Card.

Replacement cards are only $15.00.

More information is available about obtaining Student Cards, Faculty & Staff Cards, Spouse Cards, as well as Specialty Badges.

About my USU ID Card (Accounts & Access)

The USU ID Card is your official passport on campus. The USU ID Card will activate two weeks before the semester starts, if you have registered for classes and paid tuition and student body fees. It will deactivate two weeks after a semester ends. Pre-check your card for access anytime.

Your ID card is used to get into Athletic events, Campus Recreation facilities such as the HPER and Fieldhouse, USU theatrical performances, Computer labs, and other student activities. The card also acts as your library card, meal plan card, health center card, copy card, and a campus account card.

Your ID card also contains financial accounts but also grants you access to events and facilities on campus. To get the most out of your experience on campus it is important to understand the following two aspects.

  • Aggie Express - A debit account used at the Campus Store, Computer Labs, and Dining Locations to pay for services. Receive a 10% discount at participating dining locations when paying with Aggie Express.
  • Meal Plan - Housing traditional and block meal plans can be used at dining locations (Dining Services)
  • Print Lab - Each student receives $2.10 for free prints per semester. Money cannot be deposited into this account, nor taken out. Additional printing can be paid for with Aggie Express.
  • CS Course Material Credit Line - Up to $1,000 in booklist purchases can be expensed against this account at the Campus Store. Expenses are transferred to your student banner account and can be paid by financial aid, scholarships, payment plans, or other payment methods in accordance to USU’s Tuition Payment schedule. This allows a temporarily deferred payment from the time of your purchase. Available 3 weeks prior to and 3 weeks into semester.
  • CS Computer Credit Line - Similar to how the Computer Credit Line works for approved textbooks, except this allows a one-time purchase of up to $1,000 for a computer device in a five year period.

All accounts can be managed online by visiting USU Card Online

As part of your Student Body Fee payment, you have free access to the following facilities:

  • Computer Labs
  • Athletic Games
  • ASUSU Sponsored Theatre Events
  • Library Checkout
  • ASUSU Events
  • Campus Recreation
  • Student Health & Wellness
  • IT Help Desk

What is Aggie Express?

Aggie Express is a debit account stored on your ID card. You can use that money at many locations around campus that accept Aggie Express debit. Your account is automatically debited at the time of each transaction. You can grab a snack at the Quickstop, place an ad in The Statesman, pay for computer printouts, and even pay for books or art materials at the Bookstore. It's the campus-wide account for all types of products and services. Funds carry over from semester to semester. You will also receive a 10% discount when you use your Aggie Express account to pay for food at certain campus dining facilities.

Aggie Express Deposit Locations


  • USU Card Online
  • Aggie Express Deposit machines in the TSC (1st floor by Quickstop) and the Library (left inside entrance by the Information Center)
  • Card Office (TSC 212) or call us at 435-797-3852.

Where is Aggie Express Accepted?

How Do I Take Care of the USU Card?

The best way to protect your card is to keep it in the USU Card cover. Damaged cards can be replaced for $15.

  • Do not mark or bend the USU Card. Card reading devices will not read bent or cracked cards.
  • Do not wash your USU Card in a washing machine.
  • Do not use the card as an ice scraper.
  • Do not scratch the magnetic strip on the back of the card.
  • Do not punch holes in your USU Card to attach keys or anything else. You could damage the barcode or the magnetic strip on the back.

Terms and Conditions of the USU Card

The USU Card is yours to use so long as cardholder abides by the USU Card policy. It is not transferable under any condition and should not be used by any other individual at any time.

All sales transactions debited to the customer's account are final at the point and time of sale. The customer is responsible for observing the transactions charged to his/her account at the point and time of sale and the customer is responsible for monitoring their account balance. Account transaction balance, statements and history are available through the USU Card Online system.

The Aggie Express (debit) account may be closed and a refund of the unused balance will be refunded to a debit or credit cards only when a cardholder is permanently leaving USU.

All print fund accounts and ORP accounts are property of USU and have no monetary value. These accounts are owned by various departments and all unused funds will revert back to the appropriate departments at the end of each semester.

USU Traditional Housing meal plans are issued and controlled by Housing Services. Housing Services can be contacted at (435) 797-3113 or Toll Free (800) 863-1085,

USU Block Meal plans are controlled by Dining Services are can be contacted at (435) 797-1707 or