Student Charge Accounts

USU offers students an opportunity to acquire course materials and computer items from the Campus Store and then pay for these purchases through the student's Access/Banner account.

Benefits include:

  • Centralized Billing/Payment
  • Deferred Payment(s)
  • Apply Scholarships and Financial Aid/Awards directly to these costs

There are two credit limits that are available. Students have access to the Course Material Credit Line and may enroll for access to the Computer Credit Line.

Course Material Credit Line
  • Multiple Purchases
  • Sum Total up to $1,000
  • Required Course Materials (textbooks, etc.)

Computer Credit Line
  • Single Purchase (once every 5 years)
  • Up to $1,000
  • Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet, etc.)

The information below further explains the credit lines, features, terms and conditions, payment options, and the enrollment process.   TIP: Click on the blue header bar to expand each section.

WHY would I take advantage of this?

Students may group course materials (such as textbooks) and a computer charge with other educational expenses together for easy payment.

Centralized Billing/Payment
Educational expenses are grouped in the student's Access/Banner account for centralized billing.

Deferred Payments
Student Charge Accounts allow the student to acquire the materials without having to pay for them up-front.

Apply Scholarships and Financial Aid/Awards Directly
Applicable scholarships and financial awards will be directly applied to the charges in the student's Access/Banner account.

WHO is eligible?

Current USU Students* that are enrolled for classes may use these accounts. Enrollment is required before using the Computer Credit Limit.

*Due to Athletic Funding Requirements, USU Athletes are not eligible.

WHAT is the process to make a purchase?

To make purchases* at the Campus Store using the credit limits, students will need:

USU Student ID Card USU ID Card
Owner of ID Card Owner
Required Course Materials List
(Required to use the Course Materials Credit Line. The list is available to print online or at the Campus Store.)
Required Course Materials List

Only applicable materials may be charged to these accounts; another form of payment must be used for non-qualifying purchases. At the checkout the student must inform the cashier to use his or her "Student Charge Account." If a student would like to make a return he or she must adhere to the Campus Store Return Policy, and must bring the same USU ID Card and the receipt.

*Charge accounts cannot be used in conjunction with the book rental program or online textbook orders.

WHEN is this available?

Student Charge Accounts are available at the beginning of each semester (3 weeks before the semester start date, up until 3 weeks after the semester start date)

HOW are payments made?

After each purchase the charge will be added to the student's Access/Banner account balance as a line item. A confirmation email for each purchase will be sent to the student.

A student may choose from any of the USU approved payment options, which include:

Lump Sum Payments
A student pays for his or her entire Access/Banner balance before the purge date.

Payment Plan
A student that has enrolled in a payment plan option will have his or her charge(s) added to the balance. The payment amount will be automatically re-calculated to reflect the new balance at the end of the business day.

Some scholarships may be applied to these charges. It is the student's responsibility to check with the scholarship provider to ensure applicability.

Financial Aid
All financial aid awards that are disbursed through USU will be automatically credited to a student's Access/Banner Account. Only additional aid remaining after the full balance has been paid will be disbursed through normal channels.
Charges that occur after financial aid disbursements will need to be paid by the student. After a disbursement occurs, charges generally can not be put on a payment plan. (More information is available in the FAQ section below.)

Unpaid balances on your student account may jeopardize future registration, transcripts, and graduation. It will also deactivate your student body card, which will prevent entry to labs, library, athletic games, and extracurricular activities. It is our goal to assist you in your educational pursuit at Utah State University and we do not want outstanding balances to hinder you in achieving your goals.

WHERE do I enroll for these accounts?

For the Course Material Credit Line account, all active students for the current semester have been enrolled automatically and have access once it becomes available.

Before the Computer Credit Line account may be used, students must enroll (i.e., agree to the terms) each semester.


NOTE: Allow at least 15 minutes after enrolling for your Computer Credit Line account to become active.


If I have financial aid can I also use a Payment Plan?

A student may not sign up for a payment plan if he or she received more financial aid than the total balance reflected in Access/Banner. Even after cash disbursements, any new charges cannot be put on a payment plan. Only the dollar amount that exceeds the total amount of financial aid may be applied to a payment plan.

(Example: A student has a total balance of $5,000 and receives a total of $5,500 in financial aid. The student may not put any of his or her balance into a payment plan. The student will receive the remaining $500 in a cash disbursement. If the student now charges $600, only $100 of that charge can be put on a payment plan.

     $5,600 total charges
 -     $5,500 total aid 

Only the $100 difference may be put on a payment plan, regardless of when the charges were made.)

What if I cannot see a charge on my Access/Banner account?

It generally takes a couple hours for the charges to be moved over into a student's Access/Banner account; an email will be sent once this occurs. If for some reason this does not happen, please contact the USU Card Office.

What if I have an incorrect charge on my Access/Banner account?

If you notice incorrect charges on your Access/Banner account for either of these accounts, please contact the USU Card Office.

What if I want to make a return?

For items that need to be returned, take the item, receipt, and the same ID Card back to the Campus Store. Returns are conditional based on the Campus Store Return Policy.